Jewellery Mentorship Program

Are you looking to start a jewellery label or begin a career as a jewellery maker?

With over 20 years experience as professional jeweller, Nathan Thomas' Make Mentor program can help guide you through the steps to take your jewellery concept through to reality. Over the 2021 Berlin summer, Make Berlin is looking for 3 participants in the summer program. 

The mentorship program aims to develop your skills as a jewellery designer and maker with a focus on individual jewellery brand development. The program takes place over a 3 month period with weekly lessons covering everything from professional concept development, production of samples and masters, Industry supplier introductions through to product photography and sales tips. 

Over my career as a independent jeweller I have found that most university courses in the field of jewellery design focus on the conceptual side of Contemporary jewellery while Apprenticeships focus on the trade side of technical traditional jewellery making. Having studied and professionally worked on both side of the spectrum I have developed a course structure that puts an emphasis on the development of the individual and acts as an accelerated program for the modern independent jeweller. 

Technical skills take time to master, we focus on learning the basics in a supportive and nurturing environment so you can learn how to practice and reach new skill levels constantly and organically.  We encourage conceptual development via building of mood boards and analysing trends within your own visual and style moods, distilling your likes into your own distinct style. 

The mentorship program is suited to anyone that is looking to find a career in the jewellery making space but doesn't know where to start, it is designed to give you real world insights into the mostly closed off world of professional jewellery making. 

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