Here you will find news on what's happening in the Make Berlin Jewellery world.


  • Foundations of Jewellery manufacturing

As of today we are happy to announce that Berlin has relaxed the regulations on workshops in line with the incidence numbers. We have announced a new start date for our next round of classes. We have 2 places free at time of writing and follow the link HERE to book your place in the next round starting on Tuesdays in July.


  • Wax Carving workshops

We are back! The next round wax carving workshops is announced for June 12th. There are still 3 spots available and you can book in HERE.


  • Gift Vouchers 

We have opened up the purchase of gift vouchers once again. You can order a personalised Gift voucher to our monthly wax carving workshops HERE.


  • Private Mentorship Program

We now offer a Private Mentorship program aimed at individual looking to start their own jewellery label. This is a fully bespoke 1 on 1 program designed to help you get your new label off the ground.


  • Crypto

Very pleased to announce that we now accept Major Crypto currency ETHER as payment for any of our products and services. Using Coinbase commerce you can purchase using ETHER direct from your wallet.