About MAKE.


MAKE By Nathan Thomas

MAKE is jewellery classes redefined. A complete resource for beginners through to mid-career makers of jewellery. Brought to you by Berin-based goldsmith, Nathan Thomas.

"With MAKE, I wanted to give people a platform for centralised jewellery learning.

I want MAKE to be a place where we can put tips - my tips, and tips from other jewellers - out there into the public. I want young people in the city to think 'that's where I would go to if I want to find out about...' and I want to be really transparent with it all.

If this can be a place where I can share all that I've learnt over 20 years, and where younger jewellers can come and have access to that, then I've succeed with MAKE." 


About Nathan Thomas

Nathan is an Australian-born contemporary Goldsmith, with almost 20 years’ experience in the design and crafting of contemporary and traditional fine-jewellery.

Nathan has a Bachelor degree in Jewellery and Object Design, and has worked for top Australian fashion labels and an internationally-renown diamond- and gem-jewellery house. 

Since 2004, Nathan has been custom-designing and producing his own lines of  gold jewellery. Since 2016, he has called Berlin home, and opened his own store and workshop in Prenzlauer Berg 2 years ago. 

He loves teaching, mentoring and sharing his passion for quality jewellery through group workshops and individual mentoring. He has been teaching and up-skilling students, jewellery makers, and career jewellers for 10+ years. 

See more from Nathan’s self-named label here and on Instagram here.