Private Mentorship Program

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The mentorship program is suited to anyone that is looking to find a career in the jewellery making space but doesn't know where to start. It is designed to give you real world insights into the mostly closed off world of professional jewellery making. 

The program aims to guide you one on one through the beginning stages of starting your own jewellery label or personal brand. From the perspective of a working professional goldsmith this course will take place in my studio for weekly sessions along with guided homework at your own bench to create a seamless transition from beginner to practicing jeweller. 

The course will run over 12 weekly sessions of 3 hours and covers the following:


  • Introduction to the jewellery studio including tools, equipment and workshop safety. In this unit I will guide you on how to setup your jewellery making studio on a budget.


  • Introduction to jewellery suppliers, we will take a day trip to meet some of the main suppliers you will use to create jewellery in Berlin. In this unit we will cover sustainability, how to create your own alloys and how to reuse and recycle metals.


  • Introduction to basic techniques and the mechanics of traditional jewellery manufacturing. In this unit we will establish the fundamentals of handcrafting with precious metals.


  • Introduction to Wax carving and Lost wax casting. In this unit you will create your own suite of jewellery pieces that are connected to a central concept.


  • Introduction to Concept development and Design. In this unit we will cover sketching, technical drawing and Rhino for 3D modelling and 3D printing. 


  • Introduction to joining methods. In this unit we will cover how to solder and join materials though methods such as rivets, settings and hinges.


Included will be a set of jewellers toolswith almost everything you need to get started. 

Throughout the sessions I will constantly be referring back to your own projects, we will develop your ideas into finished pieces that can work towards being professionally photographed and ready to upload on your own shopify store. I will guide you through development, construction of models and masters, to finished works ready for production. 

This is an accelerated learning program taught by a professional goldsmith who understands the industry and is driven by pushing the craft forward. Although it is a steep learning curve, Nathan will guide you at a comfortable pace that is flexible to cater to individual needs. We are open to all levels of skill from total beginner to intermediate jewellery maker through to graduates of jewellery schools looking to gain technical skill development in a real life situation

If you think this course is suitable for you and you would like some more information please get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself and what your level of experience is so far. 

I will only take on 1 mentorship at a time, if it is unavailable please email