Fridays for Future Jewellers

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Here at the studio, Fridays are for Future Jewellers. You can now hire a bench for the day working alongside us in our workshop every Friday. We have a capacity for 5 jewellers every Friday.

Currently, we are offering this only to former or past students of Make Berlin's Foundations of Jewellery Manufacturing course. 

The details:

  • 11am until 7pm.
  • You get an individual benchspace.
  • You will have access to the following tools:
    • Soldering torch & gas
    • Hammers
    • Punches & alloy stamps
    • Rolling mill
    • Ultrasonic
    • Melting station
    • Micromotor 
    • Basic pliers 
    • Wax working tools
    • Soldering flux
    • Acid bath
    • Polishing machine
    • Saw frames - blades not included 
    • Ring mandrels 
    • Safety glasses & aprons 

You bring your own metals, materials and perishables, e.g. sawblades, solder, sandpaper, micrometer attachments etc.

Fridays are unsupervised, though Nathan is around in the studio for you to work in a self-directed manner.  

Participation and use of all tools and equipment is strictly at your own risk.

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