Foundations of Jewellery Manufacturing - 7th January

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*This course will start on Saturday 7th January, and then the remaining lessons will be on Thursday evenings . See below for full details.* 

This Foundation of Jewellery Manufacturing course is suited to anyone who wants to design and make their own jewellery - or who wants to find a career in the jewellery making space but doesn't know where to start. It is designed to give you real world insights into the mostly closed-off world of professional jewellery making. 

It is a practical & accelerated introduction, set in real life, i.e. taught by a working and experienced goldsmith (Nathan), held in a working environment.

We created the course in order to give our private lesson students more structure and clearer goals. We will work with you on your own jewellery designs to push you towards the type of jewellery you would like to learn about.

Key details:
  • Very limited places - class size is maximum 4 people; 
  • 6 weeks totalling over 24 hours of lessons (see below for dates);
  • €1,680 including VAT; 
  • It is not required that participants purchase a tool box with all of the tools & equipment they need to set up at home but it is recommended, however please note that the cost is likely to be around €350 for the toolkit. 

By the end of the course, you will have been taught the basic skills, and given the information & resources, necessary to begin your foray into jewellery making. 


Classes will run as follows:

  • the first day will be a Saturday double lesson from 10:00 to 17:00 Uhr (with a lunch-break); &  
  • the following 5 lessons will run weekly from 17:30 to 21:00 Uhr on Thursdays


Base metals (such as copper and brass) will be supplied for projects throughout the course. Some Silver is supplied for the ring making section.

See above re the toolkit for working at home. 

Course components: 

You will touch on the following in the course: 

  • Design
    • Concept development 
    • Sketching & bench drawings   

  • How to make jewellery from
    • Silver
  • Suppliers 
    • Measuring & estimating amounts 
    • Casting 
    • Who, where & what
  • The Workshop 
    • Setting up the workbench 
    • Safety
    • Tools & equipment
    • Hand tools
    • Workshop equipment
    • Liquids, polishes &
      other perishables 
  • Wax carving 
    • Materials & skills 
    • Best use & limits
  • Metal forming
    • Measuring & marking
    • Sawing 
    • Filing
    • Hammering
    • Bending 
    • Rolling 
    • Wire drawing 
    • Annealing 
  • Joining techniques 
    • Soldering 
    • Cold-joining
    • Earring back
    • Shepherds hook
  • Finishing techniques
    • Filing
    • Sanding
    • Polishing
  • Resizing & repairing 
    • Sizing up
    • Sizing down
    • Repairing

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